„My Funny Outdoor Furniture Story“ Contest

Do you have a funny or exciting story to share evolving around outdoor furniture or living outside on the deck, patio or garden?

outdoor furniture resin wicker contest partyPatio furniture that collapsed, a cool party that you and your friends still talk about, a funny encounter or joke somebody told on a patio, great food or drinks enjoyed?

We are looking for Canada’s best outdoor furniture stories. Leave a comment to this post describing your funny story or tell us what happened the last time you were actually on a patio. We will randomly draw a winner.

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129 thoughts on “„My Funny Outdoor Furniture Story“ Contest”

  1. Last time I was on a patio the wind was so high the table we were sitting at (plastic patio table) actually blew right over us knocking some right off their chairs!!! We laughed so hard on the patio floor I’m sure the neighbours thought we were crazy!!!

  2. Our patio is pretty sad… we have two muskoka chairs and a wooden swing. Last week things went from bad to worse… I was sitting on the swing eating a burger, and the swing fell apart! The wood had rotted out completely. Now we only have two chairs… what kind of a party can you have with only 2 chairs?!

  3. It was our first family picnic in the backyard. We’d only owned our home for about 7 months and we were excited to have the whole family come for a bbq feast. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings all gathered to enjoy a beautiful summer day. The food was beautifully presented and plates were loaded for a feast. That’s when it happened…Our German shepherd / Husky mix pup was so excited to join in on the merriment that he could not resist being the life of the party. He bolted toward the picnic table of bustling youngsters and leapt right to the top, running through everyone’s plate in circles of glee! The kids were squeeling and screaming, the food was flying and the dog was stuffing his face and his toes with coleslaw, potato salad, hot dogs, hamburgers and cheesecake. Everyone needed a bath after his rampage! It was so outrageous that it had us all in stitches and made it the most memorable picnic of our lifetime!

  4. Each time I decide to build something on my backyard my neighbours do the same on their property. I don’t know how they read my mind? But it happens twice already.

  5. It isn’t actually funny hitting your funny bone, but I fell through a lawn chair and hurt my tailbone and my elbow ‘funny bone’… the chair was old and rotten..

  6. GREAT contest! thank you!
    I think most funny patio stories involve someone sitting in a chair that collapses. The more flailing of the arms and legs, the funnier it is. I guess, it’s not AS funny, when you’re the one who goes through, or falls off of, the crappy chair! :)

  7. Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! We had a mishap at the Patio. The big umbrella got blown upside down wiping out the chairs and the table. It was like a typhoon went thru it. . It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs the prize. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list.

  8. I don’t really have a patio story,..yet. we have our old kitchen table out back with a couple of those plastic cheapy chairs. we don’t go out there much, and have been so jealous of all the nice sets we see but could never afford. hahaha I dont know if this will count as an entry but I hope so :-)

  9. I was alone on the patio when a mouse walked by on his hind legs. When I told my friends, they said I had one too many.

  10. The last time there was a funny moment on the patio, a few friends and i were drinking and singing oasis when someone decided to crawl on the table and sleep. hillarious.

  11. We began the process of building our deck. We just had the posts put in when my husband became swamped with his work. So the deck was put on hold. In the meantime I won a contest for a live blues band to come perform in the backyard for 30 of our friends. My husband could not possibly get the deck done. So the band performed on the virtual deck with all the posts around them. It was pretty funny.

  12. Not quite a patio story — but it involves patio furniture.

    We were having our children’s birthday party (2 and 5) a few weeks ago. We live in a new subdivision with very little shade in the yard.

    As guest started to arrive, our neighbour brought over his mobile umbrella as most of us were hanging out around the pool watching the kids swim.

    Wouldn’t you know it — a giant gust of wind came along, picked up the weight umbrella (with 4 2×2 patio stones on it) and sent it soaring.

    Umbrella 1 Patio Furniture 0

    Unforgettably — we are down one chair now. When the umbrella came down it came down hard on the one chair — scarcely missing the newborn and pregnant women.

  13. My friend’s old patio was being redone and there was a sole wooden post sticking up so while drinking we would often chop at it with a machete. One day we all got together and the owner of the house showed up with a very large, disgusting, green and brown scab on his leg which he said was the cause of swinging the machete at the post and missing, and slicing his shin in the process. He has us all believe this for weeks before he finally told us that it was actually from baseball.

  14. Our backyard was in disarray. Over the long weekend at the beginning of the summer I was fortunate enough to have my parents come over and help us build a deck! It took us all weekend, and it looks awesome- we just need furniture for it to have a party on!

  15. My husband and I were sitting at his parents home one summer evening and the wind all of a sudden picked up. As we were scrambling to move some of the things that were on the table into the house, the wind picked up the umbrella that was connected to the table (before we could close it, obviously). Not only did the umbrella fly into the air, but so did the table, to which it landed and the glass SHATTERED and little pieces of glass were all over the deck… their cedar deck, getting stuck into each groove of the wood!! What a mess that all we could do was laugh about it!

  16. Sitting on the patio eating a pastrami sandwich with some friends. The wind was really strong and I kept thinking the bread on top of my sandwich was going to blow off. My friend told me, not once,not twice but 3X to ‘put the mustard’ on you sandwich. I finally gave in and put the mustard BOTTLE on my sandwich….not what she meant. We laughed like fools :)

  17. my son picked up the hose and started spraying us all while we sat down to have dinner after I almost burned myself bbqing. On top of that, when I jumped out of my chair, I managed to trip over it and smack the floor pretty hard

  18. Our last patio set was mangled because a storm that went through our area blew the chairs onto the table which then shattered. Horrible mess to clean up

  19. I like to host late night bbq’s on my patio. So my patio is well equipped. Unfortunately a certain 300lbs friend was too drunk and some how managed break the table. LOL

  20. Sitting outside at my Dad’s cottage was myself, my Dad, my stepmom and my stepsister. We were just sitting there talking and all of a sudden the chair my stepsister was sitting on broke and she fell down. I laughed so hard. :) Maybe they should put maximum weight capacity on these things…

  21. My funny story is the time our cat who was on a leash attached to a lawn chair saw another cat and chased after it dragging the chair behind her.

  22. The funny thing about our outdoor living at our house is how silly I must look sitting cross-legged in front of our tiny charcoal barbecue (we originally bought for camping) trying to cook for several people on limited space, because now we prefer it over our perfectly good propane barbecue, which is sitting neglected on the deck, right next to me, all summer.

  23. My parents told me to make sure I took the canvas off of our steel framed gazebo before the storm blew in, I didn’t head this advice and I watched out my back door as our gazebo took flight over our fence smashing into my neighbors house. It’s only funny because nobody was hurt.

  24. We invited friends over for a BBQ and my girlfriend sat on one of the chairs that go with out patio set. I hadn’t noticed that the side was starting to rip and the side ripped and she fell through the seat of the chair. It was very funny and thankfully she was a good sport. We replaced the chairs shortly after that. A couple glasses of wine and some good food helps to sooth the bruised bottom and pride. Next BBQ was at her place.

  25. Left the umbrella open one night and the wind was so strong, it sheared the umbrella right off from the table. Amazingly leaving a clean cut in the middle of the pole, yet not breaking the glass outdoor table. The wind is one powerful thing.

  26. My boyfriend lived 2 hrs away so my family didnt really know him well. First BBQ of the year we had everyone coming over. He spent 4 hours putting together our new canopy together .. family comes over, and my brother knocks the one post by accident and the bar turns, as my boyfriend is trying to fix it, the top colapses on my parents taht are sitting in the middle of it .. turns out he had the pieces in the spots, and there was an extra piece so he just put it back in the box !!! it certainly was an icebreaker ..4 years later and we all still laugh about that day

  27. My mother in law moved her chair to be in the shade, she put it at the top of a small hill in their yard and when she sat down she ended up rolling down the hill. It all happened in slow motion and was funny to watch.

  28. Not that this is funny, but entertaining now to look back on….I was grocery shopping early on a Sunday morning, when I got home and was putting the groceries away with family, received a frantic knock on the door. It was a good samaritan telling us our house was on fire and sure enough our BBQ burnt our deck to a crisp, all of our patio furniture and the siding at the back of the house. We’ve had no deck this summer up until last week when we built a new one and still need new patio furniture! At least we can look back on this experience and laugh since no one was hurt and we’re almost rebuilt!

    1. Wow, great story! Who would expect that to happen… I guess you won’t leave your BBQ unattended again.

      Good luck with your entry!

  29. A few years back my husband and son where enjoying a summer evening by laying in a hammock talking and swing it a little when it stared to rip and my father in-law came out and saw it was ripping and helped it out and husband and son(not knowing dad-grandfather was helping the rip) fell in surprise to the grown below. we all laughed so hard. it was funny

  30. Our patio is really sad and we don’t spend much time out there because there is nothing to sit on.New furniture would be sooooo nice.

  31. Funny story we where building our deck and had just the rafters on and I lost my footing and fell in between the two boards. Everyone saw and lauged at me.

  32. We had bought new patio furniture, loaded in our pick up truck & headed home. All of a sudden, pieces of the set were bouncing down the road behind us. We had to stop & dodge traffic to pick it all up. Luckily nobody drove over any of it. Our new set was now all scuffed & scratched. Funny but it now looked like our old set!!!

  33. It was a beautiful summer day, and hubby, our friend, Dave, and I were sitting at the table on our deck in the backyard. Dave jokingly said, as we have a lot of geese fly overhead, “I sure hope I don’t get pooped on”, He did use another word, but we’ll keep this clean, if that’s possible considering the story. lol It wasn’t even 5 minutes later, I saw it hit his head, he jumped, and I of course could not stop laughing. He’s bald, so it actually dripped down on to his crisp, white shirt. I washed his shirt, but to this day still laugh when I think of it. Thanx for reminding me! 😀

  34. No furniture for my patio, someone stole it, but lucky for us it was kind of crappy, but I do miss my gravity chair

  35. I have three busy boys aged 6-10, and about every two minutes I hear “Mom” being called. Sometimes I even have two or more talking to me at the same time. Sometimes I sneak out to the backyard and lay silently in my zero-gravity lounger, where they least expect to find me. Those few minutes before they track me down are pure Heaven!

  36. We moved to the country and are on septic. We also seem to have a lot more bugs (many varieties), than we did in the city. I hate bugs. All our friends tease me. This year, because I love to entertain our deck, I had someone come and spray for ants. To me, we had way too many. The latest thing that bothers me is these little fruit flies. I called my husband at work yesterday and told him that I was sitting on the couch under our gazebo and noticed that they seemed to be flying over the septic tank area. We are having an outdoor party this weekend and this really bothers me. He told me not to worry, it is normal this time of year and to stop worrying about silly things. This morning, we were having our coffee out on the deck and he looked over at the lawn and said, “What is that on the lawn? It looks like a wine bottle.” Well, it was. Yesterday afternoon, I put a half open bottle of red wine out on the lawn and left it there, hoping that the little fruit flies would go into the bottle because I know they sometimes are attracted to glasses of wine. He said that now, he has seen everything and can’t wait to tell our friends on Friday night what my latest is with respect to bugs in the country.

  37. While sitting on a lawn chair on the soggy grass my chair kept tilting to the side until I made a scene at the gathering by tipping completely over. What a “gas” that was!

  38. I don’t have much on my patio besides two cheeps chairs and a small table. New patio set would be nice : )

  39. We bought some second hand patio furniture a few years back and the day we got our new furniture we spilled wine all over it. It was a backyard bbq with friends. The stain remains to this day.

  40. we were all down at my brother in laws after celebrating my inlaws 50th wedding anniversary..after a few drinlks we put on some old candain hits from the 80s and started dancing on the patio..singing and dancing the patio collapsed and we all fell off!Now thats a party!

  41. My friends and I were on the deck at the cottage and we were so happy we started jumping up and down and that disturbed a bees nest and we were all stung!

  42. We sat down with our guests for a beautiful brunch out on the deck. Then we noticed the frog sitting in the middle of the table.

  43. I know I’m a big guy, but my condo balcony furniture is wood and old. I knew it was time to replace it when I leaned back on one and it literally imploded and my butt was on the ground. Could have been worse. No injury, not even a splinter. However, embarrassing nonetheless.

  44. Many years ago, I offered a guest one of those criss-cross mesh chairs, which gave out, and he fell to the ground. Fortunately, he found it as funny as we did.

  45. My sister was sitting on our deck which does not have a roof, the temperature was probably in the high 30s. We have a glass table in our deck with a hole in the middle which you place the umbrella into, I attempted to put the umbrella into the hole and somehow the umbrella slipped and hit the glass making it shatter into a million pieces… long story short it was a funny event.

  46. My family doesnt even have a deck yet! haha it is on our to-do list…Some kind of furnature in our back yard would really be great!

  47. our patio is pretty sad. it consists of a bbq & 2 chairs we are barely able to fit in the chalet we have. since our patio is so sad when tend to go to our friends house to host. If we only had a nice patio to host on:( Hopefully, winning this could remedy that :)

  48. Only funny…after the fact. Me and my two little toddler grandchildren sat down on the picnic table to read a book. My knee struck a hornet’s nest and Whooa…look out! The 3 year old ran as fast as he could away screaming BEEES!!! I grabbed the baby and got her away while the hornets put 9 bites all over my body. I nearly fainted but managed to maintain composure. Ouch, ouch, ouch. The kids were not stung and I survived. To this day, they are weary when going out there and always look under the picnic table first.

  49. My grandmother is the only witness to this story. I was about 4 years old and don’t remember a thing. My grandmother and I were sitting out on the patio- I had my toy doll out with me and the doll was sitting in a separate chair. My grandmother and I were just relaxing, when out of the blue, I stood up, walked over to my doll, put her across my knee and in my grandmother’s words “gave her one heck of a wallop”. I then put the doll back in the chair and said “now sit up there and behave!” I walked back over and sat down and it was like nothing ever happened. I’m sure my grandmother had quite a smirk on her face, but to this day she and I have no idea what was going through my mind at 4 years old sitting out on that patio.

  50. We all decided one afternoon it would be nice to setup the patio furniture on the lawn and have the grass under our feet. I didn’t notice that there were flying ant nests all over the lawn and everyone freaked out and fell out of their chairs when it was discovered. Yikes!

  51. On our patio my uncle sat on the old cloth folding patio chairs and the old chair was a bit worn, as he sat down he quickly went through and it closed like a giant mouse trap. He couldn’t move but he managed to save his beer and patato salad!!

  52. we were sitting down enjoying some family time with my mother and father in law with myself , my husband and the kids. When my the chair my husband was sitting the seat gave way and broke and he fell through. We have a picture of it and my husband still doesnt live it down when we are together sitting in furniture. lol

  53. One sunny afternoon while sitting at my patio furniture. While enjoying my ice tea I was watching my cat playing with something but was not too sure what it was. I yelled at the cat hey Kiwi! what do you have there? as I was saying that she throw it up in the air towards me and to my surprise it was a mouse. I jumped up on my patio chair then on the table which then it collapsed to the ground. There I am laughing and screaming at the same time cause at that time I didnt know where that mouse went too:)

  54. Last summer, my niece and her now husband were married in my Brother and Sister-In-Laws backyard…we had 4 fold-up lawn chairs we took for extra seating. Needless to say these chairs were getting on years (as am I) and with the help of a little wine I proceeded to brake not one, but two of those chairs; thank goodness I was wearing a maxi-length dress, or things may not have looked so pretty!!! Long of the short of it…we need new chairs!!!

  55. Alright, my friend & my boyfriend who I both love dearly were having a surprise BBQ for my birthday on her small, shaky, but gorgeous rooftop patio. We were sitting around the the table & my friend (who is a bit heavy) was resting her leg on the bottom of the table & was shaking it. My boyfriend, with an absolute serious look on his face & a bit of terror says, “OMG – is that an earthquake?” My jaw dropped. He realized what he was saying as it was coming out, but couldn’t stop himself. He was embarrassed afterward. My friend understood because my boyfriend was stuck in the bathroom during the “great Toronto earthquake of 2011” & was scared to death. We all had a good laugh about it. He never meant any harm & has A LOT of “blonde moments”.

  56. We need new patio furniture. the last time we purchased furniture was when we built our home 26 years ago. the old stuff is falling apart and does not do anything for our patio.

  57. My favorite story would have to be high winds that came up under the umbrella in the middle of our patio table and picked it right up and carried it across the yard! I would have payed to have a video camera right then and there so i could have caught the expressions of our family as we watched this umbrella float away, Mary Poppins style.

  58. We are renovating our backyard so do not really have any backyard furniture but we make due of the cheap stuff given down to us for now. I was sitting in a chair eating a hot dog and then boom. the chair breaks I go down and end up with ketchup all over my face and the hot dog is in between my boobs. Well needless to say I am still getting made fun of that one.

  59. Do to medical issues I cannot use the stairs on our deck to go to our beautiful back yard that I worked hard to create so we started on our deck and have it just about done when my husband leaves our prime rib on the BBQ and it starts on fire from something he cooked last time that fell on the burners and it would not go out, flames were shooting out everywhere! Now a little of our deck is burnt and the BBQ has blistered and peeled in some places, and there was no prime rib left to eat all black, shriveled and smoking!! So a new bbq would be so nice!

  60. we were having breakfast under the gazebo, which has lots of grape vines growing on it, when a racoon came and started feasting on some of the grapes. our hunting breed dog went wild! our peaceful family breakfast turned into a frantic scene

  61. Some of the stories are soooo funny! Mine is not up to snuff but I share it anyway. We had a potluck garden party. I brought a cake. This was a big surprise to my family as I am not known for sweets. I asked people to guess what was the surprise ingredient. No one guessed correctly. Instead of flour the cake used black beans. When I told them, the look on people’s faces was priceless.

  62. Funniest experience on a patio or deck was with friends late-summer 2009. We were relaxing mid-afternoon, when 1 friend was stretching out on a lawnchair and ended up falling through and landing on their back (and in turning pouring their whole drink on their face). The visual was something else =).

  63. We were at our campsite having a bring your own food to share with others – sitting at the end of the table was my husband. Too many people on the benches. The table tipped, husband fell as well as a couple of others, food on the ground and that was the end of the dinner. Funny but not funny depending upon one’s humour.

  64. Me and my family were enjoy a nice evening sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows when all of a sudden the chair that I was sitting on (one of those good old style with the metal tubing and fabric strapping) broke and I fell to the ground with my legs up in the air, I was folded like a pretzel. My husband had to help me up because I couldnt move. We had a huge laughing fit over it. I will never forget that night!

  65. Well this story happened on the deck. My wife and I came home to my daughter bar-b-queing chicken and she had flames up to the eavestrough. I told her to shut the lid but she wouldn’t so we had to douse it with the hose. Chicken was ruined.

  66. We have a wind sock that is shaped like a fish. When my 3 year old nephew ask what it was , we told him was a fish. He made the funniest face while he was trying to figure out how a real fish could swim in air.

  67. It was Spring and we were relaxing on the patio of friends in Vancouver. Our three-year-old was wandering the back yard. Suddenly… no three-year-old. How could that be? How far away can you get in two minutes? Panicked parents! Was that an indent in the floating blue cover to their backyard pool? We pulled out a wet, shaken toddler!

  68. At our annual backyard BBQ one of the backs of our chairs gave out and the guest sitting in it nearly toppled over! Luckily he had a good sense of humour. Goes to show what buying chairs at yard sales gets you! We could really use a gift certificate for some better stuff!

  69. My sisters patio in the country was next to a shed. Little did any of us know that the shed was housing 20 or so parrots brought over from England and were in quarantine for 90 days. All with a cockney accent! What fun to sit and listen to English birds all evening long!

  70. My boyfriend recently proposed to me while sitting outside on the patio chairs at my parents’ home! I had no idea how to react when he suddenly became so serious that I burst out laughing! I ended up going to sit on his chair with him while he finished asking me. :) Now we’re getting married next year on the same patio!

  71. My mother came to visit we were sitting in the backyard having a barbecue she was digging around some flower beds then she came up to me and whispered that she had found a large mans gold ring she said it’s huge and looks like its worth a lot of money,all the sudden my son said Gramma that’s not a mans ring its a shower ring my daughter and son and I[and my mom] laughed harder than we ever had,I tease my mom now and ask her if she wants to weed my flower bed she always laughs and says aah shut up!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Funny patio story? I don’t really have any. But I like patio furniture… my cousin had patio furniture with the same pattern as my favorite couch and I commented on her good taste.

  73. We were out at a local farm for Mother’s Day. They had picnic tables set up for the lovely brunch they were serving. The desert was a decadent looking strawberry shortcake covered with lots of whipping cream. Everyone got up to go and get their deserts except my wife who was still sitting at the picnic table. I was the first one back with 2 deserts for my wife and myself. With out thinking I sat down beside my wife while still holding the bowls of strawberries and whipping cream. Yes, the table tipped over and I was left wearing both bowls of desert!

  74. We see all kinds of amusing things from our vantage point on the patio.
    For instance, in the hot, dry Summer season, the common little birds of the neighbourhood lounge around the birdbath, taking dip after dip, and then shaking their tailfeathers. We see that they fend off any birds that are not in their friend or family group, so that they may have the “pool” to themselves.
    Afterward, they all flock to the sunny warm sand of my garden, and wile away the hour by lolling in the dirt, taking their sand “baths”, and acting like they are thoroughly enjoying their “day at the beach”.

  75. My niece + her new husband came to visit us for a few hours – we sat on the deck + enjoyed fresh cherries + a wonderful visit. It would be nice to have new patio furniture next time they visit

  76. While on vacation in Italy with a bus load of 20 year old party animals I accidently broke a marble table in Venice. Not knowing the marble table top was not secured to the metal base, I attempted to move it to a different spot around the pool deck. While holding my red wine and chatting to others, the table suprisingly got very light as the top shattered into brick sized pieces of marble rubble. Luckily there were no staff around and we continued to party.

  77. we entertain a lot and our patio furniture has just about bitten the dust. It would be wonderful to see some brand new bright colours in the backyard.

  78. Once we had a family BBQ and since it was windy we decided not to use the umbrella so it didnt make the table tip, but later found this to be a bad idea because when we all sat to eat a bird pooped right into the salad bowl!!

  79. One day my mum decided to put our burner thing on our veranda not only did it almost burn down the porch but the ceiling of the porch went from white to black and you cant clean it!!!….all our patio furniture was either burnt or now black.

  80. I once put out too much food on our patio table in advance of a dinner party only to come outside and find a family of raccoons dinning on our meal.

  81. Last time we had a BBQ on the patio we smelled sewer! Come to find out the weeping bed was leaking and coming up from the ground a real turn off from the great food.

  82. This summer, me and my girlfriend (Jessica) held a patio party with all our friends. We supplied the food, the alcohol and even the entertainment (a self-made arcade station!). Unfortunately, by the end of the night, one visitor took it upon themselves to start a food fight. The blueberries were flying that night as the visitor (I’ll call her Raya) decided to launch them at people entering the party. Needless to say, what started as a calm, patio party soon turned into a blueberry brawl with berries being launched at everyone! The only “winners” that night were the dogs (a Maltese pup) as they devoured the remains!

  83. Few years ago my sister decided to make bent willow furniture and gifted me the first chair she made. It seemed a mite wobbly so I put it in a secluded area of my garden. Turned out it was a little too secluded. I was weeding in that area and needing a rest, sat down in the chair which instantly tipped backwards and hung up in a rose bush. Took nearly an hour to get out of the darn thing.

  84. as a student i studied a lot in the room I rented in house. One day i bought some nice patio chairs and small table to use on the top of roof which was outside my kitchen window thinking it would give me some fresh air while i study in sun. Next day it got kind of windy and I realized my patio set had been left outside as I went out for some errands. Arriving home my patio set was nowhere to be seen. I went out on roof and saw they were now roof decorations for houses next door! I had to resort to going to neighbourhood park to get fresh air.

  85. My patio chair saved my life! We have a patio as our front doorstep with a chair and a 2 seat rocker. One summer a young raccoon decided that our chair was the most comfortable in the neighbourhood and slept there every night. Every night I’d try to go out for a smoke and every night I was greeted with a hissing raccoon trapping me in my own townhouse. Being averse to rabies and somewhat gutless I quit smoking instead of duking it out with the local bandito. It’s added years to my life. The chair’s pillow is still kind of stinky though.

  86. My girlfriends and I rented this big house by a very trendy part of downton. There was a couch in the house we did not need so we moved it out to the coverd deck, and it became something we never expected. A place for all our friends to sleep so they did not drink and drive. I could look out of my window on a sunday morning and never know who would be sleeping on that couch!

  87. my patio is pretty funny because it is devoid of furniture. My old hexagonal picnic table finally rotted away. I could really use some nice furniture.

  88. Hi
    When we got our home and puppy shortly afterwards we put our canvas chairs out, the type you fold up but they were really nice! Anyway she ate them to bits It was a good thing that she did not get sick. She also ate some of the plastic off the hard plastic chairs later on. We need to get some patio furniture!

  89. I took guests out onto the patio to sit and relax but I was mortified to see the dark brown chairs where covered in white bird poop.

  90. My neighbours and I live on the Thames River in Chatham ON; we live in our backyards spring, summer and fall. We have neighbourhood dinners, bbq’s, bonfires ( starting at Easter going through to Thanksgiving), almost all year round – until it is too cold to sit outside anymore.

  91. We had a kitty make himself at home on our deck one winter and my daughter, thinking he was a stray, made a tent using the furniture to shelter him. He was pleasant but scared our housecat. He finally moved on and we later found out that he belonged to our newer neighbors and that he was aviling himself of everyone’s hospitality in the neighborhood.

  92. I had a BBQ party planed for the weekend and a day before the party it was a terrible windy and rainy day and the wind blow all my patio furniture all over the place. I found 2 of my patio chairs in my neighbor backyard all damaged so we ended up next day doing the BBQ party inside the house.

  93. Well, we were all sitting around, having a drink. I was swinging on the hammock, and it popped off the hook and i fell flat on my butt….the funny part was my boyfriend said dont swing so much your going to break the hammock right before i fell!

  94. funny moment was when my teenage son and buddies tried out our new swinging chair on our verranda,only to swing too hard and tip over the edge into the bushes!
    nobody was hurt and we all had a good laugh……..

  95. big and tall son trying to rock on two legs an eight dollar plastic lawn chair….guess who ended up on all fours!

  96. My 175lb English Mastiff used our GLASS patio table as his lounger. Although the glass never broke, thank god! lol The metal legs slowly bent over time and there went the table! We need a new one!!

  97. One evening we had a couple ( let’s call them R & L ) over for drinks and snacks on our outdoor patio. At one point, R leaned back in his rattan swivel chair and ended up head over heals. It was pretty funny and even R laughed along. We had a great time that night, but noticed afterwards that our rattan chair was destined for the trash. So now, we kind of need some new outdoor furniture!

  98. Once broke a finger when an old lawn chair collapsed and the finger was caught up in the tubing. Hurt like hell but that’s all

  99. Not as much funny, but maybe embarrassing, we have a patio table but none of the chairs to go with it. So we have 2 of our dining room tables chairs and a couple of random pink patio chairs. Pretty sad if you ask me.

  100. Our family and friends were sitting around a fire and my Mom decided to sit in my nephew’s plastic chair. Well of course, we hear a big ‘CRACK!’ and she’s rolling towards the fire in slow motion, knocking over the little table with all the drinks . We were all in shock and no one could move to catch her & then she hits the ground and toots! Thank God she missed the fire and then we burst out laughing. She goes in to refill the drinks and comes back out and was leaning on another chair and it collapses and she falls, spills the fresh drinks and toots again when she lands. Hysterical. Poor Mom had just had surgery, which is why she was so gassy (so she says). The funniest part was going outside the next day and seeing the limes from the drinks all over the grass. Still cracks our family up to this day.

  101. The last time i was on a patio I actually caused a food fight by tripping on the step that was separating the patio from the house. At that point i went on to fly through the screen door that was placed there – who know patio doors need screens. My left hand landed in a bowl of some bean avocado salsa that i went on to throw at everyone that was having a hysterical fit at my expense 😛 good times – good friends – why screen doors..why.

  102. The most useful piece of “patio furniture” that we ever owned was our Hot Tub… it was built in to our deck, with a cover of a sloping roof and a lattice that surrounded it on 3 sides – blocking the view from the neighbors… we would often sit in it with a glass of wine on the coldest, wintery-est nights and watch the moon dance across the snow… heaven!

  103. We actually dont have patio furniture… just a few plastic lawn chairs. Earlier in the year we had a couple friends over, and one of the chairs broke while someone was in it. She ended up on her back, thankfully we all laughed (including her) … seriously need new furniture tho! Thanks

  104. I had gone to the dump and could not believe finding 2 wonderful old wicker chairs complete with springs and a cushion. I took them home and spray painted them and recovered the cushions. I had the chairs in the driveway drying the paint and decided to go somewhere and unfortunately backed up into one of them and broke the leg off. Oh well I still have one sitting on the porch and it is so comfortable.

  105. I was alone in the house one windy night. A noise outside startled me & when I peeked out the window I saw that the lawn chairs had been blown across the deck & were bumping into the wall of the house.

  106. My patio furniture is very old and one day when I had my boyfriends parents over for supper, his dad fell right through one of the chairs! Luckily he wasn’t hurt and we all found it hysterical.

  107. We have a small patio set and only a small umbrella . Our yard has no shade. Last May we had the whole family over for a BBQ and it was really hot out. I came outside to find 20 family members huddled together in an attempt to get shade under the little umbrella….we all ended up inside

  108. Funniest patio story is when my 6’2 tall, 225lb+ husband was coming to join me while I was sitting out on the patio in the dusk of evening…he was talking to me while approaching the entryway leading to the patio and unfortunately he didn’t notice that the sliding bug screen door was shut and ended up putting his foot through the screen we had just installed less than a week prior. I watched his entire face get smushed against the screen and his foot protrude through the broken screen. It was the funniest thing to see….the best part is that he did the same thing again once we fixed the screen….the bug screens are there to deter bugs from entering our house, but I’m starting to think the screen is there to keep my husband from going onto the patio!!!

  109. My family and I were on our patio enjoying the nice day, when my niece see’s a dead bird on the ground, she looks back at us and says oh no there’s a dead bird there, maybe it needs new batteries. We all started to laugh, and couldn’t stop.

  110. This happened a few weeks ago, and it was going to be the last backyard dinner, we got all setup and it started raining. It wasn’t a huge rainfall so we just stayed out there and finished our dinner. The rain passed and it was a great end to the season.

  111. When not out on the deck enjoying the aged patio furniture, we have squirrels and chipmunks sitting on them looking in at us waiting for a snack. Old but well used.

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