Contest Rules

Beliani Outdoor Furniture Story Contest


Eligibility and Participation

Eligible for participation in the Contest are all US and Canada residents, over the age of 18, except for employees and agents of Beliani. No purchase necessary.

To enter the contest, visit our blog at and share your outdoor furniture experience in the form of a short editorial story by adding a comment in the contest section of the blog. The story should not be longer than 200 words and can be something that happened in a garden, backyard, patio or on a deck, anywhere you could find outdoor furniture. To leave a post you have to sign up as a user of the blog. You may only enter once per Entry Period, as specified below.

Beliani reserves the right to refuse and exclude certain entries from the Contest, such as stories that are not on the Contest topic, text that is considered sexist, racist or violent or directed against other participants. All entries will be moderated and, if allowed, generally submitted to the blog within a few days.

By entering the Contest, you as a participant assign to Beliani all rights, title and interest in and to your editorial story, and grant Beliani the right to edit, copy and otherwise use, in whole or in part, your story to promote this Contest, or for any other purpose, without notice or compensation.


Running Period and Entry Times

The Constest will run for a period as determined by Beliani and may be cancelled any time at the sole discretion of Beliani. The Entry Period generally consists of 45 consecutive days, during which you can enter the Contest. On the day following each Entry Period, the winner will be selected randomly.


Prize & Winners

For each Entry Period, the prize consist of a $300 voucher, which may be used by the winner towards a product with at any time within a period of 1 year of the issuance of the voucher. Only one voucher is allowed per purchase and it cannot be combined with any other vouchers or coupons. No partial redemption is possible and the voucher cannot be used to pay for shipping charges or sales taxes. The odds of winning will depend on the number of submissions during each Entry Period.

The prize is not transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be sold, exchanged or bartered and must be accepted as awarded without substitution. Requests for refund will not be entertained. As a Winner of a prize you waive all recourse against Beliani.

In case you are selected as a winner, Beliani will try to contact you by email within 3 days of the draw. Proof of identification must be provided upon request. Before being awarded the prize, the you will need to sign a declaration and release form stating that you have read, understood and complied with these Contest Rules, that you grant all consents as required herein, authorize Beliani to broadcast and publish your name at no compensation, that you accept the prize as offered and that you release Beliani of all liability of any kind arising out of your participation in the Contest as well as receipt and use of the prize. In case the winner cannot be reached, or does not sign and return the declaration within the specified time, Beliani has the right to waive the prize, disqualify the participant and draw a new winner.


Other Regulations

Beliani is not responsible for theft, loss or any human or computer-generated error in the awarding of the prize, nor for the loss of any gift certificates. Beliani cannot be held responsible for typos and other errors in the Contest nor for any problems or technical malfunctions of computer systems, servers, internet or website and assumes no liability for damage to participants or any person’s computer resulting from participating in the Contest.


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    He poured the gasoline on the coals and tossed a match in. It worked, the flame rose a meter above the grill, yet somehow ignited the fumes in the bottle that was still in his hand. He didn’t notice, but someone quickly shouted “The bottle is on fire!” He panicked and tossed the bottle into the yard. As it travelled across the lawn it bounced several times, leaving an arching flaming trail behind it.
    The bottle finally came to rest at the cedar hedges, which were rather dry that summer, and immediately caught fire. Twenty people ran out of the yard in a panic. A small group of us remained seated, providing instructions to our friend to get the hose, and of course, laughing the whole time. With the fire out, we finally ordered pizza.

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